The Inspiration Behind Purple Noon

Purple Noon was the first scent we set out to develop and a driving force behind the creation of our brand. This fragrance is more than just a blend of notes; it’s an olfactory homage to the sensation of warm skin basking under the sun, celebrating the art of doing nothing.


A Tribute to Solar Serenity

Purple Noon is a solar, floral, and fresh scent with a rich ambery base. It captures the essence of sunlit tranquility, a fragrance that feels like a warm embrace, transporting you to a place of relaxation and ease; A journey to a sunlit world where the worries of everyday life melt away. 


Inspired by Music and Film

The overall vibe of this scent draws heavily from music and film, particularly the 1960s French classic "Plein Soleil" (Full Sun). This film is filled with stunning scenes where the characters are constantly bathed in sunlight, gazing at the sea and sky. The cinematic landscape and the sun-drenched aesthetic of the film served as a perfect muse for Purple Noon. The name Purple Noon was guided by music from the artist, Washed Out; a chillwave album that we were listening to all summer long while in development of the scent. 


Crafting the Scent

To evoke this sunlit tranquility, our perfumer, Pascal Gaurin carefully selected a blend of solar floral notes:


Top Notes:

Fresh Ginger Oil, Tunisian Neroli Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Italian Bergamot, Coconut Water


Heart Notes:

Moroccan Orangeflower, Geranium


Base Notes:

Orris, Ylang-Ylang, Indian Tuberose, Musk, Vanilla


The fragrance opens with a solar top note that is smooth and creamy, setting a radiant tone much like the first warm rays of the sun. The heart of the fragrance is illuminated with the sweetness of orange and the refreshing essence of coconut water, creating a bright and uplifting core. Finally, the dry down is anchored in sultry musk and vanilla, imparting a sense of comfort and ease that lingers gently on the skin.


A Solar Bouquet

A solar bouquet of tuberose from India is illuminated with aromatic geranium handpicked from Egypt and the luscious sweetness of Moroccan orangeflower. Indulgent vanilla and sun-drenched musk envelop the scent in sultry addiction, completing the composition with a warm, inviting finish.