Behind the brand

Meet the founders


Female and Latinx-founded, EAUSO VERT is the conscious-luxury vision of beauty industry veterans Faye Harris and Tanya Gonzalez reimagining the way we look at scent with a brand new 5-fragrance collection rooted in the idea of celebrating sensuous experiences through the power of sustainable scent. 

After meeting during their 10+ years working in beauty marketing, they connected over their love of the simple pleasures and beautiful complexities of life: culture, connection, and the subtle art of doing more with less.

The resulting scents are the aromatic pinnacle of the values they hold dear— a throughline of their experiences discovered from childhood stories of Tanya’s mother wearing perfume during special occasions and Faye’s experiences curating her own fragrances in Grasse and Istanbul. 

With a desire to share these wearable and fluid identities with the world, they set out to find a way to blend the age-old art of fragrance with their commitment to honor the earth that inspires them. Fueled by an intimate understanding of beauty-industry waste and the impact on our planet. Conscious luxury became their greater purpose.



Faye Harris and Tanya Gonzalez’s vision for the fragrances immediately resonated with Pascal Gaurin. He was drawn to the brands refined aesthetic, clear messaging and conscious positioning and was inspired to craft scents rooted in those same powerful principles. His creative process was sparked by Faye and Tanya’s visual representations for each of the fragrances as well as his own experiences in travel and music. The end result, were beautifully simple yet olfactively rarefied fragrance creations highlighting earth’s most precious natural ingredients.

Utilizing his wealth of fragrance knowledge and skilled craftmanship, Pascal constructed the five fragrances simultaneously, all incorporating similar ingredients that vary in tonality. This allows for each fragrance to embody a common olfactive thread that subliminally links the fragrances in unity.  

“There is power in simplicity, and I was determined to craft scents that were as transparent and pure as the EAUSO VERT brand.”  

- Pascal Gaurin