We are


Clean at EAUSO VERT means
prioritizing human and environmental health, above all.

Whether in our formulas, packaging or supply chain practices,
we strive to implement a sustainability mindset where we are constantly assessing every aspect of our development.

In the absence of a universally recognized clean standard, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure each fragrance is developed in compliance with IFRA, CREDO CLEAN and EU standards, adhering to the most stringent criteria that exists within the space, and blended with 100% organic sugarcane alcohol, free of pesticides and GMOs.

Our formulas are 97.7-99% biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Our formulas are created using high quality naturals from our partner at LMR Naturals, that are FOR LIFE certified by ECO-CERT, an organization that recognizes an adherence to sustainability criteria relating to transparency, environmental responsibility, sustainable agriculture, fair and safe working conditions, human rights, and relationships with producers and local communities.

We use safe synthetics in compliance with CREDO CLEAN when the natural is considered an irritant to the skin, or there is no means to sustainably harvest the natural if it depletes the environment.

Upcycling is a process by which leftovers are re-imagined to produce something new rather than ending up in landfill. And in fragrance, upcycled fragrance notes are derived from waste and discarded natural ingredients, such as fruit, wood pulp or spent rose petals. An appealing characteristic is that upcycled ingredients cut back on growing and harvesting new materials, which saves on water and land, not to mention over-farming of ingredients such as sandalwood.

Given that the fragrance industry produces an estimated 92 million tonnes of waste each year, we’re able to find new ways to put these by-products to use, rather than having them end up as landfill.

We utilize upcycled ingredients in 3 of our scents; BOOZY PATCHOULI (upcycled Rose), VANILLA EMBERS (upcycled Turmeric Root), JOGA (upcycled Turmeric Leaf).

Made Without





Retinyl palmitate

Lead acetate

Triclosan & triclocarban


Nitro and polycyclic musks

Octyl methoxycinnamate (omc) & oxybenzone




Triphenyl phosphate

Cocamide deaBHA & BHT2-butoxyethanol

Propyl gallate

Carbon black

Mercury compounds

Methylene chloride

Vinyl chloride


SilverAlkylphenol ethoxylates



And any other restricted/unacceptable ingredients as listed by IFRA, the EU, or The Credo Clean Standard™.