The World of Music & Scent: EAUSO VERT Spotify Playlists

At EAUSO VERT, we believe that every fragrance tells a story—a tale of emotion, inspiration, and imagination. To capture the essence of our scents and invite you into our creative universe, we curated Spotify playlists that serve as a musical counterpart to each fragrance. These playlists not only enhance the olfactive experience but also offer you a glimpse into the world we've crafted for each scent.

The Creative Process: Sharing Playlists with Perfumers at EAUSO VERT

At EAUSO VERT, the development of our perfumes is a deeply immersive and collaborative journey. Before finalizing the composition of any fragrance, we strive to encapsulate a complete world—emotions, storytelling, images, and inspirations. Music plays a pivotal role in this process, serving as a gateway to our creative vision and allowing our perfumers to step into our world.


Sharing Playlists: A Window into Our Vision

As part of our creative brief process, we share carefully curated Spotify playlists with our perfumers. These playlists are more than just a collection of songs; they represent the atmosphere, mood, and narrative we envision for each fragrance. By listening to these playlists, our perfumers gain invaluable insights into our creative universe, helping them to understand the essence we aim to capture in every bottle. This shared experience allows them to get into our heads and world, facilitating a deeper understanding of the nuances we seek to convey through scent.

Sharing Our Playlists: A Personal Invitation

When you explore our collection of perfumes, we want you to delve deeper into the narratives that inspired them. That's why we share each playlist directly with you, offering a personal invitation to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and emotion of the fragrance. As you listen to the playlist associated with a particular scent, you'll discover a carefully selected array of songs that capture the essence and mood of that fragrance. Each track is chosen to resonate with the emotions and imagery behind the scent, providing you with a sensory journey that transcends traditional perfume experiences.

EAUSO VERT's Scents in Sound:

PURPLE NOON: Sunset lovers feel it all around


VANILLA EMBERS: Inner thoughts steady; it’s time to unwind


SINTRA: A playlist for lovers under the open sky 


JOGA: A lush playlist that belongs to no particular place in time


BOOZY PATCHOULI: For those entering a new era, this must be the place 


FRUTO OSCURO: Whispered tales exchanged with a tongue-tied stem