Woody Floral
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Bergamot Oil
Italian Lemon
French Mimosa
Sensual Musk

The seductive balance of skin-like orris flushed with a wildly euphoric musk.

Like getting lost under the open sky.

Cruelty free and vegan
97.7% biodegradable
  • Ingredient List
      EAUSO VERT SINTRA Eau de Parfum: Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol Denat., Water ((Aqua) Eau), Fragrance* (Parfum)

      *Fragrance includes a blend of natural and safe synthetics including 0.01% or more from the full ingredients list.

      22235_50ML_SINTRA Full Ingredients List
  • Social Impact
      Lavandin Absolute Enfleurage: LMR Naturals herbaceous & organic Lavandin from Provence, France is uniquely cultivated through a modern and prestigious enfleurage 2.0 process. Only the flower heads are hand-picked by farmers to extract the richest and most high-quality olfactive profile of Lavandin available.

      Sandalwood New Caledonia LMR: New Caledonia Sandalwood from the Lifou Island’s is a vital resource to the small island’s economy and well-being. IFF’s LMR Naturals set up a sandalwood nursery on the island to preserve the natural resource as well as generate new jobs for the people of the island.
  • Environmental Impact
      Whether in our formulas, packaging or supply chain practices, we strive to implement a sustainability mindset, evaluating every aspect of the development process to adhere to some of the most stringent criteria that exists within fragrance.

      Our fragrance house leverages a Green Chemistry Tool which is a proprietary mechanism that assesses their catalog and continuously improves on the ingredients that are used in our formulas. This tool helps facilitate significant reductions of waste, more efficient use of resources and improved worker safety.

 All of our scents are vegan and leverage the use of organic alcohol, based on sugarcane rather than corn, making it free of pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms. 

      Quality over everything. When it came to designing our parfum glass bottle, we spared no expense. 

Cap - Our fragrance cap is made of a light natural wood (which means all are unique and have natural finish and color variations), using a patented cork inner system that alleviates the use of any glues or plastic. 100% organic and compostable. 

      Bottle - Glass is 100% recyclable and our glass supplier uses “cullet” (recycled glass) to reduce the use of raw material, conserve energy, limit CO2 emissions and reduce volume of waste.

      Fragrance Pump - There is currently no option of a fully recyclable / sustainable fragrance pump, however we have opted for a push-pump which requires the professional removal of the pump from the glass bottle prior to recycling and disposing of the pump. We plan to launch a recycling program to easily dispose of the push-pump and we are aware of local retailers that offer in-house recycling options as well. While there is an option of a screw-on pump that allows for easier separation, we decided against it as it could potentially separate from the bottle upon transportation, causing leakage of the flammable liquid. Until we are able to offer a better solution, we encourage proper disposal through a recycling program. For questions or feedback, email us at

Origin Feature

SINTRA’s floral spicy scent opens with sparkling Italian Lemon, followed by a delicate blooming heart of Earth’s most precious florals; Orris, & Madagascan Ylang Ylang. The herbaceous organic Lavandin Enfleurage, is handpicked at the flower head from the Provence region in France, to extract the richest and most high-quality olfactive profile. A marriage of creamy Sandalwood from the New Caledonian Lifou Islands, and sensuous musk is left on the skin as it dries down.

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